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And his eyes were yellow like a cat's...

"Sing to me, Angel of Music!"

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I read your comics?
You can find ALL of our comics conveniently on!

2. When are you going to update your comics?
Our comics are updated every Monday

If we are going to be late, we will let you know via Facebook or Twitter. You do not need an account to see our updates.

3. How do I draw like you? Can you make tutorials?
There's two of us, first of all, and we've had years of practice, which is what you should be doing too! And as for tutorials, no, we just don't have the time.

4. What program do you use to do your art?
Predominantly we use SAI Painter and Adobe Photoshop.

5. Can I use your work on my page?
No, sorry. The only way we allow that is if you give us full credit and a link back. But we really, REALLY prefer that you didn't.

6. Can I join Iron-Gibbet Studios?
No, sorry. We hire based off of need, and currently we are not hiring.

7. I hate your story. Chelsey's a Mary-Sue, and you're lame.
That's nice. There's lots of other places you can be other than here. We suggest you go to one of them. Any inappropriate behavior will result in immediate blocking.

8. Can I make fan art for you?
Of course! Just be sure to credit us (or Leroux for that matter) as the original artists, and be sure to send us a link.

9. Do you accept commissions? Art trades? Requests?
We do not accept commissions, art trades, or requests. Any messages received asking for such will be ignored.

10. How can I help you guys out?
Well, we now have a handy dandy Patreon! You can subscribe and contribute a certain amount each month and we'll give you all sorts of goodies and previews and fun stuff! Plus a credit on our sites as one of our sponsors!

Besides that, there's still the tried and true method of donation. Just visit any of our websites and click on the donate button to do that.
We always appreciate any donations and it helps us to keep doing the comics for free!

Got a question to ask? Send it our way.



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Almost at our first milestone! by Iron-GibbetStudios
Almost at our first milestone!
We've almost met our first milestone - which means Ask RM coming back! Help us reach our goals by subscribing to our patreon and ensuring the comics stay online!


Journal Entry: Thu Aug 14, 2014, 4:33 PM

Welcome to our humble little DeviantART gallery! Iron-Gibbet Studios is a collaborative effort between passionate illustrators and writers who are working together to create fun and interesting new comics to share with the world!

Current Titles
These are our comics that are currently available for viewing online. Simply click on an image to begin reading!

Thank you for your interest, and to our dear devoted readers, our most humblest gratitude.


Recent News

Our comics have always been free, and we intend to keep it that way (unless of course, you want to buy them in print form) but if you want to keep us making comics on time and doing this for the long run, then we're going to have to start turning this into a job.  Unfortunately, we can't do that without your help!  So, we've come up with a bunch of ideas for juicy bonuses for subscribers each month.  

"But, I can't afford to subscribe to you..."
Then... don't?  We're not pushing anyone into it - this is a bonus if you can and do subscribe!  Otherwise, the comics are still free... so... nothing really changes.  But we hope that you'll encourage others to sign up - because the more subscribers we have the longer we can keep our comics going!

"But, I don't necessarily want to subscribe for that much."
With Patreon, there's a bunch of different tiers, so you can choose between an inexpensive tier, where you still get some perks, or the more generous tiers where you get a lot of perks!  It's all up to you!

"Well, where's the link so I can check it out?"
Why, it's right here, good chap!  CLICK HERE!

Like I said, the more patreons we have, the better we can do our jobs - to finish the comic on time, to keep up with quality of the images and story, to travel to conventions to meet with all of you, to offer more comic titles, and to keep us from crying in a corner.
Lots of online comics do this, and now we're another!  I hope we can have fun with the subscribers in the days to come!  

Also, we are still working on what tiers should offer what, but if you have any suggestions (within reason, of course) then do tell us!  It's difficult to think of many things that wouldn't slow down our comic production, so we're still wrestling with what's fair at each tier.  


Iron-Gibbet Studios
Year Established: 1997, Year Founded: 2007
Mission: To share their stories with the world!
Future plans: To rival the companies they admire!

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JerseyFireDragon20 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I was wondering if the backgrounds that had Erik and mephi and Erik in celseys bed from the first chapter are still kinda available to download. On the site it didn't have them and here neither. I had them on an old computer but unfortunately lost the data, and I miss those awesome computer backgrounds. Is there anyway I can re-download them? Or are they no longer available to download?
Iron-GibbetStudios Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
They are - but our sites aren't going to be back up until Friday.
Quinn-G Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Recently stumbled upon your comics. I don't normally go for romance comics, but Requiem Mask is a fantastic read with a killer drawing style! :D I'm sorry to hear about the HostMonster issue, hope you'll get it sorted out. In any case, you got yourself a new watcher for sure!
Chopin8 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG I love your style!!! You actually make the original Erik sexy and adorable!!!😍Love the comic too!!!😃 Oh, and I have a favor to ask.... DRAW MORE PICS OF ERIK!!!!!!! PLEASE!! Sorry that was demanding. Love your art!
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